Storage & Space Saving Solutions For the Kitchen

Posted on 07 Aug 2017 01:32

Cabinet Door Clips for Spices

The inside of cabinet doors can be used to store many things. Some people like to place hooks on them for hanging things. If there is room, you can also install little baskets. You can also store spices inside your cabinet doors with these plastic clips. You may not have the counter space for a counter-top spice storing rack and you may not want to sacrifice an entire kitchen drawer for your spices. So, these little clips may be just the thing.

Keep in mind that they will fit standard McCormick glass containers or the small plastic type, as well as most regular sized spice bottles. However, perfectly round bottles may slide up and down on the clips. You'll find that the clips can be used to hold all sorts of other small containers, such as pill bottles, small tubes, etc.

Roll Up Over-Sink Drying Rack

If a dish rack takes up too much space on your counter, or you just want a handy place to dry vegetables or fruits, try a steel roll-up drying rack. When you're not using it, it rolls up to be tucked away. When you need it, unroll it and place it over the sink.

These racks are made of stainless steel so you don't have to worry about them rusting. Just make sure to measure you sink before you order so that you know what size rack you need.

Sliding Basket Organizers for Cabinets

I like these sliding basket organizers for increasing the usable space in lower cabinets, such as under the sink, in a pantry, or even on the countertop. The two-level baskets themselves slide-out for easy access to stored items, and you can easily lift and carry the individual baskets. Perfect for oft-used cleaning supplies, for example.

Stainless Steel Foldaway Dish-Rack by OXO Good Grips

Not only does this stainless steel dish rack fold down for storage, it is customizable depending on what kind of dishes you are draining. It's simply a better mousetrap. You can fold down the plate rack to make room for big bowls or pans. There are tines that can be used for wine glasses or cups. Two different utensil holders, and solid side walls. Plus the whole thing can be put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning, or you can just remove the utensil compartments to clean them separately.

The OXO Good Grips Fold-Away Dish Rack is basically a better dish rack which can be easily stored away to make more room on your kitchen counter.

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