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Do You Really Need A Garlic Press?

So many cooking blogs recommend a garlic press. I have a hard time understanding it. Why would you want a clunky pair of pliers to pulverize garlic? It hardly has any other use. Yet, it is one of the most popular kitchen gadgets in existence. In my opinion, it is a silly product.

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No Ice Maker in Your Freezer? Try a Countertop Ice Maker

We've come a long way. From ice chopped out of frozen lakes and stored placed in ice-boxes, to refrigerators, to refrigerators with tiny freezers, to stand-alone freezers, to larger refrigerators with bigger freezers, to automatic ice makers in our freezers. Gone are the days of cumbersome ice trays cluttering up our precious freezer space. Then again, those automatic ice makers take up space of their own inside freezers, and some folks don't have an ice maker at all. What if you want to make ice automatically without a freezer mounted ice maker? Enter the stand-alone countertop ice maker.

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What Is A Carving Knife?

The term carving knife in cooking can be confusing because there seem to be other knifes that can do the same job. However, another name for a carving knife, or carver, is slicing knife (or slicer). If you think of a carving knife as a knife that will produce very uniform and thin slices of meat or poultry, then you understand the utility of this knife.

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What Is a Larding Needle?

You may have heard of wrapping meats in bacon to add fat and flavor to the meat. This is called barding. But, there is an even older technique for getting fat marbling into meat, which works great for very lean cuts of meat without a lot of natural marbling. This is called larding. A larding needle or "larder" is the instrument traditionally used for larding.

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Great Pizza Making Products to Buy

These products are for the homemade pizza enthusiast. There is nothing like a pizza that you take the time to make yourself, with good cheese and all your favorite toppings. But pizza can be a daunting task. Just the difficulty many home cooks have with working with the dough is enough to dissuade them from tackling a pizza at home.

However, instead of picking up the phone or ordering a pizza online, or even popping in a frozen pizza, consider that part of the problem may be in you equipment! Here are some great pizza making products that can make your pizza crafting experience a lot less difficult.

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What Is A Paring Knife?

A paring knife is a very small knife, but one of the few that a home cook will probably need. This knife is a specialty knife, meaning it is meant for very specific tasks. Many chefs consider it the second most important knife to own beside the chef's knife, although not everyone agrees.

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What Is A Bench Scraper?

Sometimes called the baker's knife or pastry scraper, a bench scraper is a flat rectangle of metal with a rounded handle on one side.

Pastry chefs use bench scrapers to cut dough into pieces, to scrape sticky dough remains off work surfaces, to fold together soft dough prior to kneading, or to lift a rolled dough without stretching or tearing it.

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What Are The Different Types Of Whisks?

Also called a whip, a whisk is standard kitchen equipment in most cook's kitchens. Despite how common and familiar the wire whisk is, most cooks do not realize that there are several different types of whisk. You've probably seen whisks in slightly different shapes and simply thought that these were manufacturing varieties. In reality, however, the shapes do make a bit of a difference in the suitability of the different types of whisks for different stirring or whipping tasks.

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Best Vacuum Food Sealers for a Good Price

Vacuum sealers are a very popular and effective way to keep foods fresher for longer. They work by pulling the surrounding air out of plastic bags and then creating a tight seal. With little to no air surrounding the food, and an air-tight seal, food stays fresh much longer than when stored by conventional means.

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What's the Difference Between Ramekins and Custard Cups?

It can be difficult to tell the difference between the traditional ramekin and the custard cup. You may also see a third variation, the pudding cup. These different cups are often used interchangeably and they are all three made of several different materials and sizes. What is the actual purpose of each? Or, are they simply different names for the same thing?

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What is the Best Affordable Infrared Laser Thermometer to Buy?

An infrared laser thermometer, usually called a laser thermometer, temperature gun or point and shoot thermometer, is not useful for all cooking tasks where accurate temperature readings are needed, but it can be a very useful tool in the kitchen for certain tasks.

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Just How Sharp are Kyocera Ceramic Knives?

So, you've heard you can get a knife made out of the same type of stuff as the mug you use for your morning cup of joe? And these knives are mega-sharp. So, sharp they make those Ginsu knives from years back look like a rubber hose. But, it's ceramic. So, it is so very fragile, and for sure you can't cut through an aluminum can or a nail like with a Ginsu!

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What Is A Benriner Or Bennie?

Benriner is a Japanese brand of plastic mandoline style slicers. Professional French mandoline slicers are usually metal, but Benriners are less expensive plastic alternatives that will work well for many home cooks. There are many brands of such slicers on the market, but Benriner, made in Japan, has long been recognized as an excellent choice. Professional cooks sometimes call them "Bennies."

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3-Tier Oven Racks For Extra Baking Space

There are many multi-level oven rack products on the market. They are metal racks with 3 levels that you are supposed to place in your oven in order to create more space. Some of them seem to concentrate on baking cookies, and others claim to allow casseroles, whole birds, and pies, etc. to be baked all at once in one oven.

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