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When Is Recycling Actually Downcycling?

In my article explaining the meanings of plastic recycling codes, I listed the various types of products for which these different types of recycled plastic are used. In other words, I described what happens to the plastic you put in your recycling bins. If you read that article, you will discover that those circular arrows, which seem to indicate a never-ending stream of recycling, again and again, are misleading. Many times, recycled plastic is turned into products that are not themselves likely to be recycled. This is known as downcycling.

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What Do The Recycling Codes On Plastics Mean?

When it was common for consumers to pay deposits for bottles and then return the bottles to a retailer to reclaim the deposit, the type of plastics used in the bottles were known. Now that curbside recycling or drop-off recycling centers are common, it is much more difficult to identify particular types of plastic. Plastic resin identification coding was developed to assist in this identification. Therefore, most plastic packaging, including bottles and food packets, have a symbol on them which identifies the type of plastic used. This symbol is a number from one to seven enclosed in a "chasing arrows" recycle symbol.

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Does the Average Person Really Swallow 8 Spiders Per Year?

Did you know that you are never more than 2 feet from a spider? Or is it a foot? Or maybe it's six inches. The point is there are a whole lot of spiders around. The other point is, they mostly keep to themselves. Otherwise, you'd know you were surrounded by them.

Whether or not, Little Miss Muffet, a spider is sitting next to you right now, when you sleep, they come out. And crawl on you. And they get into your mouth. And you swallow them. In fact, you swallow, on average, eight of them every year!

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What is the Origin Of Word Bedlam?

The word bedlam came about as a contraction of the name of a hospital in London. This hospital started out in 1247 as a priory for the order of St. Mary of Bethlehem.

This priory eventually became the Hospital of St. Mary of Bethlehem and was meant to serve sick poor and homeless people. However, by 1405, the hospital was under royal control and had begun to be partly used as an insane asylum, the first of its kind in England.

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