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by EricTEricT, 12 Jul 2014 16:56

Good work. Very informative read.

by Sam h (guest), 12 Jul 2014 12:13

Hi, I am so happy that the post meant something to you. It means the world to me and I appreciate the kind words. I do want to say, being someone that has worked retail (and actually in a management position) that I am not, even for a second, denying that there are certain customers who will give clerks, or anyone other employee they can find, a hard time. Some people are just jerks! I think a manager (it should be a manager), has every right to step in when actual abuse starts occurring from a customer. I've had customers actually cussing people out and calling names, etc. I asked them to leave and requested they never return. But sometimes, yes, people just have bad moments.

by EricTEricT, 18 Mar 2014 12:42

Thank you so much for writing this, I'm a cashier and a lot of times I feel the need to vent to someone. I stop of course when I see a customer, it's not fair to take it out on them, and I don't want them to feel bad.

Reading this made me feel a lot better of some of the events that happened to me a couple of days ago. Sometimes I forget to think how someone else might be feeling. I totally get how that girl in your story might be feeling too, and I'll say you definitely made her night.

Thank you for writing how your frustrations go as well, I found it very insightful, and I'll try and keep it in mind the next time I feel like I'm dealing with a difficult situation. There's few customers that give people a hard time (and vise-versa), but I find there's more good ones like you out there that keep us going.

by guest (guest), 18 Mar 2014 07:19

Oh, yeah, I mean, if you have good beef jerky (without all the added stuff of commercial brands), you can use it in a stew or a hash…all sorts of stuff. Cowboy cuisine, haha.

by EricTEricT, 22 Jan 2014 19:10
Vladimir (guest) 22 Jan 2014 07:17
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » How did Beef Jerky Get Its Name?

Thanks, Eric, I didn't know it could be rehydrated, although this is quite obvious.

by Vladimir (guest), 22 Jan 2014 07:17

I am so glad that you went ahead and gave it a chance. I understand completely why you would be puzzled, and trust me, I knew I was making a departure. I know that most of the articles I write here are more about satisfying curiosity and are not all that shareable because not everyone will be interested in these specific food subjects. I feel that sometime I should delve into more personal subjects and I thank you for the kind words and your willingness to give me that leeway.

Thanks! by EricTEricT, 06 Jan 2014 14:39

I was puzzled at first to see this subject line in my inbox (I follow you for the food info), but this is a really great post, and the first I feel really compelled to share!

by Joumana (guest), 06 Jan 2014 14:33

Thank you, Vladimir for reading and making a comment and for subscribing. I don't blame you if you don't read everything here, for not all of it is directly related to cooking but let me know if I can ever be of help in answering some similar question. I'm full of cooking trivia, haha.

by EricTEricT, 08 Mar 2013 18:56
Vladimir (guest) 08 Mar 2013 18:51
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Never Put Raw Mushrooms On Pizza

I made 2 huge supreme pizzas for my office team, and they turned out AWESOME!!! Needless to say, your advice to pre-saute mushrooms, raw meats and bell peppers contributed a lot to its success. THANKS-A-MILLION, man. I don't promise to read everything, but I am your subscriber now.

by Vladimir (guest), 08 Mar 2013 18:51

Wonton. Oh, well, it is a food blog! Thanks for pointing that out, I'll fix it!

Yes, the same applies to clams. I concentrated on mussels as an example because clams tend to take longer to steam, which would require more explanation and confuse the article. However, the quote by James Peterson in italics, close to the beginning, actually refers to clams and he, as well, agrees.

Haha by EricTEricT, 05 Feb 2013 12:53
Andcope (guest) 05 Feb 2013 12:47
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Throw Away Unopened Mussels? Who Says?

Thank you very much for this excellent and well researched article. It was exactly what I was looking for. Another cooking myth falls to the wayside. Would I be correct in assuming that this is also the same for clams?
I also have to point out a humorous spelling mistake. You called the discarding of unopened mussels "wonton waste", which would mean the waste of Chinese wontons. I believe you meant "wanton waste". Cheers.

by Andcope (guest), 05 Feb 2013 12:47
EricTEricT 01 Sep 2012 19:42
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » What Is Drambuie?

Says who? :)

by EricTEricT, 01 Sep 2012 19:42
rorshachrorshach 16 Jun 2012 17:36
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » What Is Drambuie?

You know I quit alcohol a couple months back. Well, on the plus side, I don't think most people stock their home bars with this kinda stuff! ;)

Shhh….my common sense is tingling.

by rorshachrorshach, 16 Jun 2012 17:36

I had fun doing it, Dev, thanks for reading!

by EricTEricT, 31 May 2012 14:11

No. Brown eggs do not taste different than white eggs. And no, white eggs are not better than brown eggs in terms of quality or taste, or vice versa. I wasn't sure if this myth persisted, so I asked around to some friends and acquaintances.

Wow, I believed in that myth as well. Thanks for clearing it up!

Shhh….my common sense is tingling.

by rorshachrorshach, 31 May 2012 12:46

^^^ totally! biggthumpup.gif

Shhh….my common sense is tingling.

by rorshachrorshach, 22 Apr 2012 10:14
EricTEricT 21 Apr 2012 18:05
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » What is a Hangtown Fry?

Thats an interesting story & an interesting dish.

Its got Bacon, oysters & egss; those are all my favorites!

See it makes sense to put them together!

by EricTEricT, 21 Apr 2012 18:05

Thats an interesting story & an interesting dish.

Its got Bacon, oysters & egss; those are all my favorites!

Shhh….my common sense is tingling.

by rorshachrorshach, 21 Apr 2012 12:08

Nothing like a bivalve! Now, you never have to waste another one, Joe.

by EricTEricT, 17 Apr 2012 20:20
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