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Mostly historical photographs and images in the public domain or free for use with attribution. Some of these images are found in articles, but others are hosted here with an historical overview for your information and convenience. You are free to use these images, and information is given as to where to download larger versions, if desired, and check the copyright status. You can find these images elsewhere, but not with the contextual information provided here. Great for your school paper, your blog, or wherever!

If you use the textual information, please write it in your own words, or provide attribution to CulinaryLore by linking to the page on which you found the information. Thanks!

Coney Island Food Vendors

The legendary Brooklyn, New York seaside amusement parks at Coney Island, together, makes up the most celebrated amusement resort in the world. It holds an important place in American food culture.

It is known as much for its attractions as for its food. According to popular legend, the hot dog was invented there!

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First McDonald's Franchise by Ray Kroc, April 15, 1955

The image on this page represents the first McDonald's franchise opened by Ray Kroc in Des Plaines, Illinois, outside of Chicago, on April, 15, 1955. His store was not the first ever McDonald's restaurant, mind you. It wasn't even the first McDonald's franchise, it's just the first one opened by the guy who went on to make McDonald's the international juggernaut it is today.

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Cooks Preparing For a Roman Banquet

On this page is a wonderful image of the preparation of a Roman meal, likely Roman slaves getting ready for a Roman banquet. There is more going on here than meets the eye, or should we say meats the eye? It is no wonder that the image depicts the gutting of a small animal, likely a fawn. Of course, meat is the oldest cooked food. Roman banquets were dominated by meat, and meat helped symbolize Rome's place in the universe.

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Food Storage Facilities of Labor Rehabilitation Program, 1930's

In 1934, the United States Emergency Relief Administration began a program called the Labor Rehabilitation Program which was continued until 1946, through the Resettlement Administration from 1935 to '36, and through the Farm Security Administration, from 1937 to '46. This program was meant to help low-income farmers and farm laborers special assistance so that they could become self-supporting and remain on their farms.

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