Coney Island Food Vendors
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Posted on 18 Apr 2016 20:00

The legendary Brooklyn, New York seaside amusement parks at Coney Island, together, makes up the most celebrated amusement resort in the world. It holds an important place in American food culture.

It is known as much for its attractions as for its food. According to popular legend, the hot dog was invented there!

Coney Island is famous enough for hot dogs and other foods that restaurants and stands have been named "Coney Island."

Included in this number is at least one hot dog stand called the Coney Island Wiener Stand where the first Coney Island style hot dog may have been served, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, of all places.

No one knows exactly how and when the Coney Dog was invented, though.

Nathan's Famous Hotdogs started at Coney Island, opened by Nathan Handwerker in 1916. Nathan's sponsored the first-ever hot-dog eating contest, held annually at the park.

Of course, hot dogs were not the only concession available there.

The high quality photograph below shows some of the food vendors at Coney Island.

This photo was taken between 1980 and 2006 and it part of the Carol M. Highsmith collection. This particular section features clams, shish kebob, burgers, hot dogs, corn, and of course, cold beer!


Coney Island Food Vendors
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There are no known restrictions on the use of this image and it can be considered free to reuse or share. The image below, from the same collection, shows the Wonder Wheel, the Ferris wheel at Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement park on Coney Island as well as the carousel in the foreground.


Coney Island Wonder Wheel at Deno's Wonder Wheel Wheel
Amusement Park.

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