Coca-Cola Advertising Slogans Throughout Its History

Posted on 15 Mar 2014 22:21

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Since Coca-Cola was born in 1886, it has been using various advertising campaign slogans. Some of these may be familiar to you, depending on your generation, as various popular hit songs have been. For me, "Have a Coke and a Smile" is what I associate the most with Coke, as well as "It's the Real Thing." I recognize various others but they are not the ones I associate so readily, because it is the memories from childhood that really have the most power.

The first official advertising slogan for Coca-Cola came out of an ad that John Pemberton, Coke's creator, and Frank Robinson, his partner and bookkeeper, ran in the Atlanta Daily Journal, about two weeks after Coca-Cola began selling. The ad said that Coke was "Delicious! Refreshing! Exhilarating! Invigorating!" And, after that, "Delicious and Refreshing" became the first official advertising slogan. Below is a list of some of the major advertising slogans, by year, for Coca-Cola. See the next year-to-year listings for a more comprehensive sample (although still not complete).

1886 Coca-Cola ad in Atlanta Daily Journal Delicious! Refreshing! Exhilarating! Invigorating!
1886 Coca-Cola ad in Atlanta Daily Journal Delicious! Refreshing! Exhilarating! Invigorating!

Major Coca-Cola Slogans

  • 1886 Drink Coca-Cola (through 1904)
  • 1904 Delicious and Refreshing (used for a long period on various media in the early 1900's)
  • 1905 Coca-Cola Revives and Sustains.
  • 1906 The Great National Temperance
  • 1927 Around the Corner from Everywhere
  • 1929 The Pause that Refreshes (used for many years)
  • 1942 The Only Thing Like Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola Itself. It's the Real Thing!
  • 1952 What You Want Is a Coke
  • 1963 Things Go Better with Coke
  • 1969 It's the Real Thing
  • 1979 Have a Coke and a Smile
  • 1980 Coke Is It!
  • 1988 You Can't Beat the Feeling
  • 1990 Can't Beat the Real Thing
  • 1993 Always Coca-Cola
  • 2000 Coca-Cola. Enjoy!
  • 2001 Life Tastes Good
  • 2003 Coca-Cola…Real

These, of course, are not the only slogans used by the company, they are just some highlights. Hundreds of slogans have, in fact, been used over the years, although the company itself may not call them slogans when there were not part of a major advertising campaign. Some of them may have been used in conjunction with the above, or only for a very short period of time, rather than a span of years, or only on one type of advertising media, such as signs. For example, drive through a small American town and you will still see faded Coca-Cola signs which read "Come in, we have Coca-Cola." As well, you will see various similar signs.

So, below are some of the various other slogans used through the years. Most of these were used in various advertisements in conjunction with each other, such as Drink Coca-Cola being used along with Delicious and Refreshing (both above), as well as with At all Soda Fountains. In the first image below, The ideal brain tonic appears along with The delightful Summer-Winter beverage and Relieves mental and physical exhaustion. Of course Drive Refreshed goes perfectly with Along the Highway to Anywhere. Many pieces of advertising were produced solely for retailers to display and were designed to help them sell more product.

I am being quite generous in my use of the word slogan, but it would be quite difficult to come up with accurate terms of all the different types of advertising messages Coca-Cola has used over the years! The amount of advertising the Coca-Cola company produced seems never-ending! Regardless, if I were to include every Coca-Cola message I come across, this list could be twice as long. The earliest advertising from the company used strategies similar to patent-medicine ads (an industry that practically invented marketing), and were long and complex textual messages. As time passed, the advertising became more stream-lined.

Some of the dates, where a slogan covered a span of years, may not accurately reflect the starting date, and some slogans may have been used piece-meal throughout many years. If you find a vintage Coca-Cola ad which uses several different slogans, compare the dates of the different slogans to narrow down a time-frame for the advertisement. Last, for much of Coke's history, radio and video did not exist. Some of the messages used, then, may seem a bit odd, since they are not accompanied by the art work with which they were originally used.

Various Coca-Cola Slogans and Advertising Messages

1886 to 1910

  • 1886 Delicious! Refreshing! Invigorating! Exhilarating! (ran in early magazine ad)
  • 1891 The ideal brain tonic — The delightful Summer-Winter beverage — Relieves mental and physical exhaustion.
  • 1898 At all Soda Fountains

Coca-Cola ideal brain tonic advertisement, c. 1891
Coca-Cola ideal brain tonic advertisement, c. 1891

  • 1898 Rests the tired nerves and brains.
  • 1898 The best brain and nerve drink.
  • 1900 For headache and exhaustion, drink Coca-Cola
  • 1904 Coca-Cola — satisfies.
  • 1904 Pure and healthful.
  • 1905 It Satisfies the Thirsty and Helps the Weary
  • 1905 The most refreshing drink in the world.
  • 1905 Good all the way down.
  • 1905 Wherever you go, you will find Coca-Cola
  • 1906 Adds a refreshing relish to every form of exercise.
  • 1906 Pre-eminently the drink of quality.
  • 1906 A quality drink.
  • 1906 Imitations are made to fool you, not to please you.
  • 1906 The ideal beverage for discriminating people.
  • 1907 Good to the last drop.
  • 1907 Coca-Cola is full of vim, vigor, and go — is a snappy drink.
  • 1907 Puts vim and go into tired brains and bodies.
  • 1907 Coca-Cola — the great temperance beverage — it has none of the ill effects or "let down" qualities of alcoholic stimulants.
  • 1907 A national drink at the great national game.
  • 1907 Physically sustaining, good to the taste, and an aid to the digestion.
  • 1907 It sustains because it is a true food. It refreshes because it has a slightly tonic effect on the system. It invigorates because it supplies the elements for physical and mental exertion.
  • 1908 Get the genuine
  • 1907 Satisfies the thirst and please the palate.
  • 1908 It will relieve the fatigue, quench the thirst as nothing else will, quiet your nerves and refresh and invigorate you. Palate pleasing.
  • 1908 Delicious-Wholesome-Thirst Quenching
  • 1908 The Satisfactory Beverage (1908 to 1912?)
  • 1908 Appearances are sometimes deceiving but Coca-Cola can always be relied on as nourishing, refreshing, and exhilarating.
  • 1908 Ask for a bottle…sold everywhere.
  • 1908 Coca-Cola is better, try it. Wherever ginger ale, seltzer or soda is good, Coca-Cola is better, try it.
  • 1908 Good til the last drop.
  • 1908 Palate pleasing.
  • 1909 All Classes, Ages, and Sexes DRINK Coca-Cola


The Satisfactory Beverage. It satisfies the thirst and please the palate.
Cooling — Refreshing — Delicious — Thirst Quenching. All Classes, Ages,
and Sexes Drink Coca-Cola


The Satisfactory Beverage. It satisfies the thirst and please the palate.
Cooling — Refreshing — Delicious — Thirst Quenching. All Classes, Ages,
and Sexes Drink Coca-Cola

  • 1909 After the day's shopping, rest and relief in Coca-Cola.
  • 1909 After the day's journey drink a glass of delicious, refreshing, Coca-Cola. It satisfies the thirst and please the palate. It relieves fatigue and imparts new vigor and new energy. Cooling. Refreshing. Delicious.
  • 1909 Proves big help for tired housewives.
  • 1909 Whenever you see an arrow, think of Coca-Cola
  • 1909 Refreshes Brain, Body, and Nerves
  • 1909 Simply delicious.
  • 1909 Thirst Quenching and Extremely Delicious
  • 1910 Get what you ask for and see that you get it.
  • 1910 Relieves fatigue…quenches thirst.
  • 1910 So easily served.
  • 1910 The most delicious and refreshing of all summer drinks. Eminent scientists in every section of the country declare it to be no more harmful than tea or coffee.

1911 to 1920

  • 1911 Enjoy a glass of liquid laughter
  • 1911 For your enjoyment.
  • 1911 Real satisfaction in every glass.
  • 1911 Whenever you're hot, tired, and thirsty.
  • 1912 Ask for it…we serve the genuine (signs for establishments)
  • 1912 All the world loves a Coca-Cola.
  • 1912 Both — Delicious and Refreshing.
  • 1912 The satisfying beverage.
  • 1912 Pure and wholesome it is tempting.
  • 1913 Ask for it by its full name — then you will get the genuine.
  • 1913 Demand the Genuine by full name. Nicknames encourage substitutions (used for several years at least until 1919)
  • 1913 The best drink anyone can buy.
  • 1913 A welcome addition to any party.
  • 1914 Call for it by full name, nicknames encourage substitution.
  • 1914 Pure and wholesome.
  • 1914 The ballplayer's one best beverage.
  • 1915 The One Thirst-Quencher
  • 1916 Heart's desire.
  • 1917 Three million a day.
  • 1918 Any time, everywhere, the favorite beverage.
  • 1919 A natural drink that answers natural thirst.
  • 1919 Coca-Cola is a perfect answer to thirst that no imitation can satisfy.
  • 1919 You smack your lips over it because you like its taste, its quality, its genuine gratification. It satisfies thirst.
  • 1919 Nobody has ever been able to imitate Coca-Cola, because its quality is indelibly registered in the taste of the American public (used together with above).
  • 1920 Coca-Cola…good things from 9 chimes poured into a single glass

1921 to 1930

  • 1921 Good Things from Nine Climes Poured Into a Single Glass
  • 1921 Coca-Cola is Made Delicious and Refreshing to Satisfy Thirst
  • 1922 The answer to thirst.
  • 1922 Thirst knows no season.
  • 1923 All the year round.
  • 1923 A perfect blend of pure products from nature.
  • 1923 Enjoy thirst.
  • 1924 Always a delightful surprise.
  • 1924 In the distinctive bottle.
  • 1924 Refresh yourself.
  • 1925 All roads lead to Coca-cola (signs)
  • 1925 It has the charm of purity
  • 1925 Six million a day.
  • 1926 Coca-Cola is the shortest distance between thirst and refreshment
  • 1926 Heed the little thirst—the big one surely takes care of itself.
  • 1925 With a drink so good…'tis folly to be thirsty.
  • 1926 A natural drink of natural flavors.
  • 1926 It had to be good to get where it is.
  • 1926 Seven million drinks a day.
  • 1927 A little red sign at a cool and cheerful place.
  • 1927 Around the corner from anywhere
  • 1927 At the little red sign.
  • 1927 It had to be good to get where it is
  • 1927 Pure as sunlight.
  • 1927 The national family drink.
  • 1928 Coca-Cola…pure drink of natural flavors
  • 1929 A perfect blend of many flavors — has a flavor all its own.
  • 1929 The best served drink in the world
  • 1930 Old Santa says "Me Too."

1931 to 1940

  • 1931 My hat's off to the pause that refreshes.
  • 1931 Serve Ice Cold with sandwiches, cookies, cheese and crackers, and with your meals.
  • 1932 Ice cold sunshine.
  • 1932 Served all over the world.
  • 1932 Thirst come, thirst served
  • 1933 Between bites.
  • 1933 More than just a drink.
  • 1934 Ice-cold Coca-Cola is everywhere else—it ought to be in your family refrigerator.
  • 1935 All trails lead to ice-cold Coca-Cola.
  • 1935 In the wintertime too.
  • 1935 Serve it to your guests.
  • 1937 All American choice for "time-out."
  • 1937 America's favorite moment.
  • 1937 So easy to serve — and so inexpensive.
  • 1938 Any time is the right time to pause and refresh.
  • 1938 At the red cooler.
  • 1938 The best friend thirst ever had.
  • 1938 So easy to take home — the six bottle carton.
  • 1939 Thirst asks nothing more.
  • 1939 Whoever you are, Whatever you do, wherever you may be, when you think of refreshment think of ice cold Coca-Cola.
  • 1940 America's year-round answer to thirst.
  • 1940 And the same to you.
  • 1940 Ice-cold Coca-Cola has a taste that that charms and never cloys.

1941 to 1950

  • 1941 Coke.
  • 1941 One of the simple things that make living pleasant.
  • 1942 Accepted home refreshment
  • 1942 At ease..for refreshment.
  • 1942 Refreshment that can't be duplicated.
  • 1942 The best is always the better buy.
  • 1942 The only thing like Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola itself.
  • 1942 So easy to carry home.
  • 1942 It Never Fails to Please
  • 1944 Hello Coke.
  • 1944 A moment on the sunnyside.
  • 1944 Pause — Go Refreshed.
  • 1944 Refreshment you go far.
  • 1944 It's a Date at the Fountain
  • 1944 Have a "Coke" = You're invited to our house
  • 1945 Coke for me too.
  • 1945 Coke means Coca-Cola.
  • 1945 An International Passport to refreshment.
  • 1946 As American as Independence Day.
  • 1947 Coke knows no season.
  • 1948 Coke belongs.
  • 1948 Coke…for hospitality.
  • 1948 Where there's Coke there's hospitality.
  • 1949 Along the highway to everywhere.
  • 1949 Drive Refreshed
  • 1949 Play refreshed.

1951 to 1960

  • 1951 Adds zest to the hour.
  • 1951 Refreshment through the years.
  • 1952 Coke Adds Zest.
  • 1952 Pick up 6 for home refreshment.
  • 1952 Picnic partners.
  • 1951 You taste its quality.
  • 1952 What you want is a Coke.
  • 1952 Host to thirsty Main Street
  • 1952 Hospitality can be so easy (Serve Coca-Cola)
  • 1953 Call for Coke.
  • 1953 Puts you at your sparkling best.
  • 1953 Midsummer magic.
  • 1954 Always a fresh delight.
  • 1964 For people on the go.
  • 1954 Matchless flavor.
  • 1954 Pause Refresh
  • 1954 The most asked for soft drink in the world.
  • 1954 People on the go — go for Coke.
  • 1954 The perfect gift for thirst.
  • 1955 Almost everyone appreciates the best.
  • 1955 America's preferred taste.
  • 1956 America's family fun drink.
  • 1956 Have a large Coke at our fountain.
  • 1955 Bright and bracing as sunshine.
  • 1955 Brighten your meals with Coke.
  • 1955 Refreshment through 70 years.
  • 1955 There's nothing like a Coke
  • 1956 Bring home the Coke.
  • 1956 Bring home the Coke today.
  • 1956 The best of taste.
  • 1956 Have a Coke with us.
  • 1957 Best loved sparkling drink in all the world.
  • 1957 Sign of good taste.
  • 1958 Cold, crisp, refreshing.
  • 1958 Cold, crisp taste of Coke.
  • 1958 Have a large Coke.
  • 1959 Ask for it either way.
  • 1959 Be really refreshed.
  • 1959 Coke on the job keeps workers refreshed.
  • 1959 Cold, crisp taste that really satisfies.
  • 1959 Make it a real meal.
  • 1959 Pause often, and always drink Coke.
  • 1960 A Merry Christmas calls for Coke.
  • 1960 Cool off with Coke.
  • 1960 No wonder Coke refreshes you best!
  • 1960 Now! 12 oz. cans too!
  • 1960 Relax with Coke.
  • 1960 Revive with Coke.

1961 to 1970

  • 1961 Coke and food — refreshing new feeling.
  • 1962 Only Coca-Cola refreshes you best.
  • 1962 Only Coke gives you that refreshing new feeling.
  • 1962 Refreshment with the lively going taste.
  • 1962 Sip and see: Coke refreshes you best!
  • 1962 Sip and Zip!
  • 1062 Hot food call for ice cold Coke!
  • 1963 Big bold taste that's always just right.
  • 1963 Big jobs call for the Refreshing New Feeling only Coca-Cola can give.
  • 1964 Smart birds go for Coke.
  • 1964 Have a float with Coke.
  • 1964 Coke = Coca-Cola. Both trade-marks mean the same thing and identify only the product of the Coca-Cola Company.
  • 1965 A big, bold unmistakable taste.
  • 1965 The bold taste of Coke lifts your spirits, boosts energy.
  • 1965 This is the time for real refreshment - Ice cold Coca-Cola
  • 1966 Coke — after Coke — after Coke.
  • 1968 Biggest catch — Ice Cold Coca-Cola.
  • 1969 No. 1 in the sun.
  • 1969 Bottle that launched 100 summers.
  • 1969 Relieves spring fever.
  • 1970 Coke adds life to everything nice.

1971 to 1980

  • 1971 I'd like to buy the world a Coke. (not really a slogan, but lyrics to a song…see below)
  • 1975 Look up America.
  • 1976 Coke adds life.
  • 1980 The most asked for soft drink for 75 years.

1985 to 2013

  • 1985 America's Real Choice.
  • 1985 We've got a taste for you.
  • 1986 Red, White, & You (Coca-Cola classic)
  • 1986 Catch the Wave (new Coke)
  • 1987 When Coca-Cola is a part of your life, you can't beat the feeling.
  • 1989 The official soft drink of summer.
  • 2002 Reward your Curiosity (Vanilla Coke)
  • 2003 Coca-Cola…Real.
  • 2003 Coke is real
  • 2004 Make it real
  • 2005 As it should be
  • 2005 Chill!
  • 2005 Give. Live. Love
  • 2005 Make it real.
  • 2006 The Coke side of life.
  • 2009 Open happiness.
  • 2010 Live Positively.
  • 2011 Life begins here.
  • 2013 Get the Ball Rolling (active healthy lifestyle initiative)

Note a very interesting slogan from 1913, "Nicknames encourage substitutions," as well as "Ask for it by its full name — then you will get the genuine." And then, in 1914 came "Call for it by full name, nicknames encourage substitution."

Do you know how, today, the term Coke has become, in some parts of the states, a generic term for any soda? For instance, in the South, we would sometimes say, "You want a Coke?" Then, if the answer was in the affirmative, we'd say, "What kind?" And the answer might just be "Dr. Pepper!" But this was a small part of the problem in the early days. Using the nickname Coke, made it easy for Coca-Cola imitators to pass off their products as "the real thing" by using variations of the shortened form, such as Koke. At the time of this 1914 slogan asking consumers to ask for it by name, Coca-Cola was trying to avoid just this kind of thing, and dealing with hundreds of cases of trademark infringement.

They did not want their brand to be diluted by this shortened name. Later, when they knew it couldn't be stopped, they simply embraced the name Coke and focused on it in many slogans from the 1940's through the '60's and beyond. Compare the 1914 slogan, "call for it by full name," with the 1953 slogan, "Call for Coke." By 1959, you can see that Coca-Cola had apparently fully accepted the Coke nickname, with the slogan "Ask for it either way!" However, before that, they had tried to make sure that the name Coke was firmly associated with Coca-Cola, such as with the 1945 slogan Coke means Coca-Cola. Many of the slogans from the early 1900's addressed the various Coca-Cola imitators, which were cropping up all over the country.


The famous Coca-Cola hilltop commercial from 1971 (see below)


The famous Coca-Cola hilltop commercial from 1971 (see below)

What's the Most Famous Coca-Cola Television Commercial?

Well, it is impossible to say which television commercial for Coca-Cola is most universally remembered, but one of the best remembered happened in 1971. In this commercial, a group of youngsters gather on a hilltop and singe the song "I'd Like to buy the world a Coke." This song has been used many times sense, and there is a related song, that was recorded by the Hillside Singers called "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing…" You know.."in Perfect Harmony!" This song became a top forty hit, but, despite what might seem to be the case, it was adapted from and sung in tune of the Coke song, not other way around! Although, as noted above, I'd like to buy the world a Coke was not exactly a slogan, it was so popular it is remembered as if it is a slogan. The slogan campaign it was actually associated with was It's the real thing, which began in 1969.

Coca-Cola Advertising Slogans Image Gallery

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