British Film From the 1960's Shows Us How Much English Pub Food Has Improved!

Posted on 14 Oct 2014 23:05

A lot of people say that English food has come a long way. Does this British pub food film from the 1960's prove it?

Paper packages, cans of beans and peas, disposable aluminum baking dishes, white stuff that looks like maybe pierogies, and some cooking we'd be ashamed of in our own homes.

I don't know how representative this is of English pub food in the 1960's but it bears little resemblance to the comforting and home-cooked from scratch goodness that English pub food represents today.


English pub food is not fancy and pretentious, but it sure isn't made from cans! It's about local and fresh ingredient and scratch cooking. Sure, they may serve baked beans on toast. But it's proper homemade baked beans with flavor, not beans dumped out of a can. By the way, the British eat that for breakfast, something American's would never think of. And while black pudding may seem a little strange to us, it actually looks a might more appetizing than the food in that film.


Even something as simple as bangers and mash makes you want to dig into it. It may be humble, but it's just what you want on a cold day or after a long night.

Bangers and Mash image © Joe Gough - Not for reuse.

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