What Is Australian Brekkie?
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Posted on 10 Jun 2015 23:07

Australians sometimes talk about eating brekkie. No, it's not some kind of traditional Australian dish, its just their word for breakfast. Australians, of course, use a lot of the same words as British folks, but they tend to shorten words a lot. Sometimes, after they shorten them, they stick an -ee sound on the end. Brekkie for breakfast is one of these words.

As to what Australians eat for breakfast, well, a lot of Australians might just have a cup of tea, which they call a "cuppa." Yogurt is a popular breakfast item. And then maybe some juice, or cereal. It wouldn't be unusual to find and Australian having cornflakes and coffee, something an American wouldn't find unusual in the least. Another cereal Australians eat is a wheat biscuit called Weet-bix. The Australians love their biscuits as much as the British, and, they call them bikkies.

Toast and marmalade might be eaten with the cereal, or they might forgo the cereal and stick with the toast. Or, instead of marmalade, they might have Vegemite, the weird yeast-based spread that looks like crude oil.

Others might eat something more like an English breakfast, having eggs with sausages or bacon. Australians call sausages, by the way, bangers or snags. Fried eggs and toast might be called googs and soldiers. They might also eat toast with baked beans. Spaghetti on toast is a common breakfast item, too. Many of these are served in restaurants.

These weren't always the typical Australian breakfast items. Before the mid 20th century, it was more common to eat steak and eggs.

Speaking of restaurants, we Americans might love going to the Pancake House for breakfast, but Australians are not into sweet syrupy stuff for breakfast. If they ate pancakes with sweet toppings, it would be for dessert, most likely.

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