Video Exploring Korean Street Food in Gwangjang Market, Seoul

Posted on 28 Jun 2015 21:15

In this video Mark Wiens explores an exotic and bewildering array of colorful and delicious Korean food at Gwangjang Market, in Seoul, South Korea.

He takes you on a tour of the market, and samples several dishes like ttŏkbokki, rice cakes simmered in red chile curry, which is one of the most popular street food in Korea. He also tries the rice cakes, a type of Korean "sushi roll" similar to Japanese maki rolls, with rice and pickled vegetables (kimchi?) wrapped in seaweed. He also samples a Korean blood sausage with the odd name of "Sundae," among other items.

Gwangjang Traditional Market, along the banks of Cheonggyecheon, is one section of Dongdaemum Market. Food is only a small part of what is sold there. Textiles, clothing, items for making clothing, bedding, and some everyday items are also sold by various vendors. You can learn more about Gwangjang Market at

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