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What Is Meat?

Here on CulinaryLore, I have often shied away from writing articles about things that most people take for granted. For example, I would probably not write an article explaining what bread is, as most people take bread for granted, and even if they don't know exactly what makes bread bread, they also don't care. However, I have begun to realize that certain things are not so obvious as they seem at first glance. A recent comment on Facebook, regarding "test-tube meat" made me realize that meat is just such a subject.

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What Is a Food Bank?

A food bank is an organization which collects, stores, packs, and distributes food and other needed items to people who need it, whether they cannot afford the food they need or are unable to get to a grocery store. However, there is much ambiguity in defining a 'food bank' as opposed to a food pantry or neighborhood food closet. Many smaller food charities who distribute food directly to the public may call themselves a food bank when they are more a food pantry.

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What Are Loss Leaders In Grocery Stores?

Loss leaders are a marketing strategy, used in many retail businesses, especially in grocery stores. A loss leader is an item that is sold at such a low price it actually loses money. The price is lower than the actual cost the retailer paid for the item. Two typically identified loss leaders at the grocery store are milk and eggs, but many items are used as loss leaders all the time, while certain items go on sales at various times. The store hopes that these low-priced items will entice customers to the store, where they will also buy plenty of regular priced items.

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Do People Eat Spiders As Food?

You probably already know that in many human cultures, people eat insects, grubs, and worms. Eating creepy crawly things is, in fact, the norm, not the exception.

Grasshoppers are routinely eaten in many parts of the world. And even the lowly earthworm is a valuable source of protein. But spiders? While it's possible the occasional spider might be accidentally swallowed, to intentionally eat a spider, you'd have to be desperate, right?

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Six Major Cajun Cooking Misconceptions

Most online recipes for Cajun dishes suffer from several unfortunate misconceptions. Cajun cooking is, in reality, one of the most flavorful cuisines you'll ever try! Unfortunately, many people are turned away from it because of certain reputations that it does not deserve.

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7 Vague Statements Companies Use to Greenwash Products

Social responsibility is the new buzz-word. Food companies, cleaning product companies, and all other corporations are under pressure to sell products that are not harmful to the planet, to animals, or to the individuals who buy those products. The increasing pressure however, hasn't necessarily led to companies actually doing anything differently. Instead, it has lead to a variety of misleading actions and claims lead to believe consumers that the company is trying to protect the environment. These types of activities are referred to as greenwashing.

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Is Anthony Bourdain Right About Trump and Illegal Immigrants in the Restaurant Industry?

Being that Anthony Bourdain gets to state his opinion, serial stereotyper that he is, and have it recounted as fact, I am going to assert my right to state my opinion here on my website. In my opinion, Anthony Bourdain's statements about Donald Trump's illegal immigration stance are neither wrong nor right. It is my opinion that they are simply the ramblings of a man who loves the sound of his own voice, and they inform us not at all.

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Fear Laden And Romanticized Food Messages: Two Sides of the Same Coin

On a blog called "Fooducate" which I have been aware of for some time, and which is chock-full of unreasonable fear messages about food, I came across an article by a dietitian speaking out against food fear-mongering.

This is sure to confuse the regular blog readers. Linked on the very same page was a short non-fact-filled article about mechanically separated meat or so called pink slime. You can read more of my opinions, as well as some actual fact, in Pink Slime Defamation Lawsuit.

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Heinz Ketchup Bottle Sends a Man to a Porn Site via a QR Code

Heinz has enough trouble on its hands having to deal with French's audacious entry into the ketchup market. As if fighting the condiment wars weren't enough, now they have ketchup on their face after a QR code on a bottle of Heinz, instead of linking to a Heinz-owned website, linked to a hardcore German porn site, called FunDorado. Heinz is lucky ketchup is all it has on its face.

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Video Exploring Korean Street Food in Gwangjang Market, Seoul

In this video Mark Wiens explores an exotic and bewildering array of colorful and delicious Korean food at Gwangjang Market, in Seoul, South Korea.

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Matt LeBlanc in His Commercial Roles, Heinz Ketchup, 7UP, Coca Cola, and More

Did you know Joey Tribbiani was once in a Heinz ketchup commercial? That's right. And, he was also in a 7UP commercial. Matt LeBlanc, most famous for playing Joey on the mega-successful television show, Friends, and now finding hilarious success playing a fictional version of himself on the BBC/Showtime series Episodes, began his acting career in television commercials.

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What Is Australian Brekkie?

Australians sometimes talk about eating brekkie. No, it's not some kind of traditional Australian dish, its just their word for breakfast. Australians, of course, use a lot of the same words as British folks, but they tend to shorten words a lot. Sometimes, after they shorten them, they stick an -ee sound on the end. Brekkie for breakfast is one of these words.

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What is the Official Snack of South Carolina?

As far as I'm concerned my home state of Mississippi should have the same state snack as South Carolina1, one near and dear to my heart: boiled peanuts. The correct pronunciation, in case you need to know, is "bald peanuts." South Carolina may not serve up more boiled peanuts than any other state, but you can get them, usually in plastic bags, just about anywhere in the state, including convenience stores, gas stations, and road-side stands.

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What is the Official Snack Food of Illinois?

The state of Illinois picked one of its major crops as its official snack food. Illinois is the third largest grower of popcorn in the United States, so, as you can guess, the official snack of Illinois is popcorn, and was adopted in 2003.

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What Is the Official Snack Food of Utah?

Utah not only has an official snack food, but an official brand of snack food. Keep in mind that the actual bill simply recognizes this brand of snack as a favorite in the great state of Utah. The wordy resolution (below) makes you wonder what passes for pressing matters in state legislatures, but the official favorite snack food of Utah is Jell-O brand gelatin.

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