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Sugar Glossary Quick Reference To Simple Sugars

06 Mar 2015 21:09

The following is a simple guide to the many different kinds of simple sugars found in prepared and processed foods. All of these sugars contain about the same carbohydrates and deliver the same amount of calories, and so are essentially equivalent to white table sugar. To begin, the basic monosaccharides and dissaccharides important in nutrition are briefly discussed….

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Low Acid Coffee And Heartburn: Is it Proven to Work?

06 Mar 2015 19:59

I have a confession to make. This may seem shocking, but it is the truth: I've been drinking coffee since I was five years old! My folks would start us children out with a lot of milk and a little coffee (plus sugar). Then the coffee would slowly increase and the milk would decrease. They didn't do this because they thought it important that we drink coffee. We would beg for it because we saw the adults drinking it and, in those days, nobody saw anything wrong with it. Well, despite all the zig-zag in the reputation of coffee, I still see nothing wrong with it. Except, I can't stop. I MUST have my coffee in the morning. Once I stopped for an entire year. The headaches at the beginning were terrible. After that, it was a year of misery, never feeling like myself. I want qualify this feeling, but finally gave in and got a cup of coffee one day (while studying for an exam), and it was like someone flicked a switch, the lights were back on!…

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Origin of Expression 'Acknowledge the Corn'

05 Mar 2015 21:45

The curious, and somewhat archaic expression acknowledge the corn, which was popular in the nineteenth century seems to mean admitting to a crime. Particularly, it means admitting to part of the crime, but outright denying involvement in the rest of the crime. Author Robert Hendrickson suggest that it is a modern version of "copping a plea."Bibliography item hen1 not found.,Bibliography item hen2 not found. Another interpretation is acknowledging part of a debt, but denying the rest of the debt. Either way, it is admitting or pleading guilty to a more minor charge to avoid being charged with a much more serious one. There are at least three origin stores for this expressions that I've managed to find….

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How Much Dry Wild Rice Makes How Many Cups Cooked?

03 Mar 2015 22:31

Wild rice yields when cooking are not the same as rice. Also, although not many people know this, there are several types of wild rice you might find in a grocery store, and the cooking time will vary for each of these. Below is the amount of water to use for specific amounts of wild rice, followed by the approximate cooking times for each type of wild rice, black, brown, blond, quick (instant), or broken. Although you are not likely to make most of the specific amounts including here, let alone the huge amounts included, which would be extremely expensive. We include them for your convenience, just in case….

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Why Have Wooden Spoons for Cooking?

02 Mar 2015 20:25

At any one time, I have at least 4 wooden spoons in my utensil holder. Right now, I have around 7 of all shapes and sizes. When I'm cooking and need a spoon to stir, scrape, or beat, I almost invariably reach for a wooden spoon. So too do most cooks. Why, in this age of metal and plastic, are wooden spoons still a must have for the kitchen?…

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