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What is Chinese 5-Spice Powder?

03 Jul 2015 21:54

Chinese five-spice powder is a mixture of five dry ground spices that is used extensively in Chinese cooking. It is the most well-known spice mixture of China and is also used in various other parts of Asia, including in Vietnamese cooking. In Mandarin, five-spice powder is called wu xiang fen and in Cantonese it is ngh heung fan….

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Nam Pla: Thai Fermented Fish Sauce

30 Jun 2015 18:24

Nam Pla is a Thai fermented fish sauce, similar to Vietnamese nuoc-mom, but with less salt used. Like all fish sauces in Southeast Asia, it is a counterpart to garum of ancient Rome. Nam pla fish sauce is often said by Thai cooks to be the most important flavoring ingredient in Thai cooking….

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Avocado Leaves in Mexican Cooking

30 Jun 2015 16:12

Acocado, the fruit, is of course very important to Mexican cuisine. You may not know that avocado leaves, or hojas de aguacate, are used in cooking as well, especially in the Southern regions of Mexico such as Oaxaca….

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Video Exploring Korean Street Food in Gwangjang Market, Seoul

28 Jun 2015 21:15

In this video Mark Wiens explores an exotic and bewildering array of colorful and delicious Korean food at Gwangjang Market, in Seoul, South Korea….

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As Southern as Sweet Tea

28 Jun 2015 06:49

There is a basic rule pertaining to iced tea. In areas outside the south, iced tea is usually available, and sometimes sweetened iced tea is available. In the South, sweet tea (what Southerner's call sweetened iced tea) is always available, and unsweetened iced tea is sometimes available. Recently, it has come to my attention that some people think that sweet tea has "nothing to do with the South."…

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