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What Is Achiote?

23 Apr 2015 20:10

Achiote is flavoring and coloring agent that is used extensively in Mexican cooking. It is made from annatto seeds. Achiote is sometimes called "saffron of Mexico."…

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How Do I Quickly Bring Cold Eggs To Room Temperature for Cooking?

16 Apr 2015 22:02

Many recipes call for room-temperature eggs. If you want to fry your eggs, you will find that it works much better to use room temperature eggs rather than cold eggs. As well, for cakes and other recipes, room temperature eggs combine better with other ingredients such as butter or shortening. Also, cold egg whites will not whip up to as high a volume as room temperature eggs. If you're making a souffle or a meringue, this could be crucial. So, when a recipe calls for room temperature eggs, don't ignore the instruction and use eggs straight out of the refrigerator. But, if your eggs are cold and you don't want to wait for a long time letting them warm up, what do you do?…

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Who Makes the Largest Pizza You Can Actually Order?

09 Apr 2015 22:44

There have been many attempts to make the world's largest pizza, and records have been set by gargantuan pizzas that took dozens of people to make, and even more people to eat. But these were one-off attempts to break a record for the largest pizza ever. On the other hand, many pizzerias boast a large pie that is much larger than the standard 16 inches. Some, in fact, take it to ridiculous extremes. The question is, which pizza restaurant holds the record for offering the largest pizza that is actually commercially available?…

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Sabra Classic Hummus Products Recalled Due to Possible Listeria

09 Apr 2015 18:19

In yet another case added to the recent spate of food recalls due to listeria contamination, Sabra Dipping Co. has announced a voluntary recall of around 30,000 cases of its Classic Hummus. During a routine collection of samples from a retail location, the Michigan Department of Agriculture discovered Listeria monocytogenes contamination of a Sabras product. As a result, containers of Sabra Classic Hummus, listed below, are being recalled….

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Should You Buy Fresh or Frozen Shrimp From the Grocery Store?

05 Apr 2015 00:52

Buying shrimp can be a confusing and somewhat overwhelming process because of all the myriad choices, including multiple sizes, headless, peeled, unpeeled, deveined, etc. The most basic question about grocery store shrimp, however, is, "fresh or frozen?"…

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