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Bread Test For Oil Frying Temperatures

01 Apr 2015 21:38

When using oil for frying, you need to have your oil temperature dialed in pretty well. Without a candy or fat thermometer, this can be challenging. There is, however, a pretty good way to test the temperature of you oil, to within around ten degrees Fahrenheit or five degree Celsius, using nothing more than an ordinary piece of white bread….

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How Much is a Pinch of Salt or Other Seasonings?

01 Apr 2015 20:00

Some people just hate the idea of being inaccurate when cooking. One of the most common inaccurate measurements is a "pinch." You are likely to find a pinch of salt, for example, called for in a recipe. How much is a pinch in teaspoons?…

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What is the Official Snack of South Carolina?

26 Mar 2015 23:52

As far as I'm concerned my home state of Mississippi should have the same state snack as South Carolina1, one near and dear to my heart: boiled peanuts. The correct pronunciation, in case you need to know, is "bald peanuts." South Carolina may not serve up more boiled peanuts than any other state, but you can get them, usually in plastic bags, just about anywhere in the state, including convenience stores, gas stations, and road-side stands….

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What is the Official Snack Food of Illinois?

25 Mar 2015 18:31

The state of Illinois picked one of its major crops as its official snack food. Illinois is the third largest grower of popcorn in the United States, so, as you can guess, the official snack of Illinois is popcorn, and was adopted in 2003….

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What Is the Official Snack Food of Utah?

23 Mar 2015 22:03

Utah not only has an official snack food, but an official brand of snack food. Keep in mind that the actual bill simply recognizes this brand of snack as a favorite in the great state of Utah. The wordy resolution (below) makes you wonder what passes for pressing matters in state legislatures, but the official favorite snack food of Utah is Jell-O brand gelatin….

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