Can I Substitute Tomato Paste for Tomato Sauce?

08 Apr 2014 19:55

Tomato paste is just a concentrated tomato sauce. If you don't have tomato sauce but you have canned tomato paste, you can make a tomato sauce substitute by adding one cup of water to 3/4 cup of tomato paste. Of course, you can add more tomato paste or less water if you want a stronger tomato sauce….

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Alcohol Doesn't Completely Burn Off During Cooking: Exaggerating the Truth!

07 Apr 2014 19:56

I have a secret for you: Many blogs and websites purposely exaggerate facts, and hide certain very important aspects of a subject, in order to make their posts more exciting, provocative, etc. The idea is not for you to actually learn the facts, but to be "shocked" into sharing the article. This happens with cooking myths all the time, especially when they are based on what passes as common knowledge. It is common knowledge, for example, that when you put alcohol into a cooked dish, the alcohol "burns off" completely, through heat evaporation, so that no alcohol is left in the dish. Well, thanks to some research published by the USDA, including the study, Alcohol Retention in Food Preparation by Augustin, et al.,Bibliography item augustin not found. we know that this is not true. It takes a lot of cooking to burn off all the alcohol in a dish. After these new facts came to light, a lot of articles started appearing letting us in on the "shocking" news that the intoxicating qualities of alcohol in a dish would still be there with normal cooking times!…

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Spices Were Used to Mask the Taste of Bad Meat in the Middle Ages Through the Renaissance

30 Mar 2014 21:27

It has long been claimed that one of the chief use of spices in the Middle Ages or "Medieval Period" in Europe was to cover the taste of spoiled meat. This claim, without further examination, could make some sense. People were poor and without access to fresh meat, nor a means of preservation. The strong smell of flavor of many spices, if applied liberally, could cover the tainted taste of meat that was past its prime, which, if cooked thoroughly, could be eaten safely….

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Never Use Dried Herbs in Your Cooking?

28 Mar 2014 20:22

Recently I came across an article entitled Top 10 Common Errors Made in CookingBibliography item frater not found. by an outfit called, which publishes nothing but list articles. The article made a lot of the usual absolute statements about practices that would "ruin your food," such as overcrowding the pan (depends on what you're cooking) and all nonstick cookware is crap (again, depends on the use). Plus, some other tried and true recommendations were given, such as use sharp knives and don't under-salt. I had no big problems with any of this, except for number three on the list, which was a warning against using dried herbs, stating that "Dried herbs have no place in the kitchen. They have little (if any) of the flavor of the herb they are meant to represent. If you cook with dried herbs, you cook with no flavor."…

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From Jamie Oliver to ABC: Pink Slime Defamation Lawsuit will Go Forward

28 Mar 2014 15:29

I'll admit, right off the bat, that I have a big problem with Jamie Oliver. The reason for this is that he relies on over-wrought and sensationalist claims and pretty much none of them are based on fact. For instance, he claims that we are killing our children and today's children will live a ten year shorter lifespan than their parents. Is this true? Not at all. He just made it up. First of all, not only are obesity levels NOT rising, which is his big cause, but there is absolutely no reason to believe that our kids are less healthy than we were as kids. They will most likely live a longer and healthier lifetime than we will….

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