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Cooks Preparing For a Roman Banquet

31 Jul 2015 01:07

On this page is a wonderful image of the preparation of a Roman meal, likely Roman slaves getting ready for a Roman banquet. There is more going on here than meets the eye, or should we say meats the eye? It is no wonder that the image depicts the gutting of a small animal, likely a fawn. Of course, meat is the oldest cooked food. Roman banquets were dominated by meat, and meat helped symbolize Rome's place in the universe….

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What is Fleur De Sel?

30 Jul 2015 21:28

Fleur de sel is French for "flower of salt." It is a very expensive kind of sea salt that gathered from evaporated sea water from several coastal areas of the world, including most famously from the marshes of the Guérande in Brittany (Fleur de sel de Guérande) as well as other areas of the west coast of France such as Vendée, Aigues-Mortes, Île de Ré, and Noirmoutier1, and Aigues-Mortes in the South….

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When Were the First Food Stamps Printed in the United States?

28 Jul 2015 22:40

The first food stamp program (FSP), sometimes called the New Deal Food Stamp Program, began in 1939 and was carried out by the United States Department of Agriculture. It was initiated as a response to the Great Depression, after the failure of commodity distribution programs, and as a way to reduce the farm surplus. There was not much opportunity to export these surplus goods, since the potential markets were under threat of war. The first stamps to enter the program, which were colored yellow and blue, were printed on April 20, 1939 at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing….

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Food Storage Facilities of Labor Rehabilitation Program, 1930's

28 Jul 2015 16:43

In 1934, the United States Emergency Relief Administration began a program called the Labor Rehabilitation Program which was continued until 1946, through the Resettlement Administration from 1935 to '36, and through the Farm Security Administration, from 1937 to '46. This program was meant to help low-income farmers and farm laborers special assistance so that they could become self-supporting and remain on their farms….

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Heinz Ketchup Bottle Sends a Man to a Porn Site via a QR Code

27 Jul 2015 17:59

Heinz has enough trouble on its hands having to deal with French's audacious entry into the ketchup market. As if fighting the condiment wars weren't enough, now they have ketchup on their face after a QR code on a bottle of Heinz, instead of linking to a Heinz-owned website, linked to a hardcore German porn site, called FunDorado. Heinz is lucky ketchup is all it has on its face….

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