Why Does a Little Salt Make Sweet Foods Taste Sweeter?

24 Oct 2014 16:22

Have you ever noticed that a bit of salt on a sweet food makes it seem sweeter to the taste? Perhaps you've used salt on apples that were a bit less sweet than you thought, and you found that the salt heightened the sweetness. Or maybe you've had salted caramel? When I was growing up it was common to put a little salt on watermelon. Some people eat half a grapefruit for breakfast, and sprinkle on a bit of sugar. But others, being calorie conscious, might sprinkle on a bit of salt for the same purpose! And, salt is used in foods that are supposed to be sweet all the time. Salt enhances flavor in these foods, just like any other food, but it also helps bring out the sweetness. How can this be?…

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How Can I Get a Sheet of Aluminum Foil To Lie Flat on a Baking Sheet?

20 Oct 2014 22:04

Now and then, we want to place a sheet of aluminum foil on a baking sheet, for one reason or another. Often, it is simply because we know that what we are cooking is going to have messy spillover, and we want to make clean-up easier. You may have noticed that it can be a bit of a pain to get a sheet of foil to lie flat. You push one end down, the other end pops up. I know this isn't exactly the most monumental problem, but it is annoying. What to do? How can you get the foil to lay nice and flat on the pan?…

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What Is Vegemite?

20 Oct 2014 14:22

You ever heard of a Vegemite sandwich? It's and Australian thing, as well as a New Zealander thing. If you're old enough to know the Men At Work song, Land Down Under, you may have noticed the lyric about a Vegemite sandwich and wondered, "What the heck is that?" The lyrics go like this:…

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5 Advantages Of Silicone Baking Sheets To Improve Your Baking Experience

19 Oct 2014 17:25

Have you heard of silicone baking mats? These are silicone impregnated fiberglass sheets that can be placed on a baking sheet to replace parchment paper or aluminum foil. But that is not all they replace. They are not new. Professional bakers have been using them for years. Today, they are becoming a common piece of cookware at home. Why are they better than regular baking sheets? Why should you use them? There are several advantages to using silicone baking sheets over regular metal baking sheets….

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Why Do Bartenders Use Spherical Ice Balls? Can You Make Them at Home?

19 Oct 2014 01:39

Why are bartenders using spherical balls of ice in drinks, nowadays? Is it just to impress you? What is the purpose of putting one big ball of ice in a drink and how is this different than using some ice cubes? Should you ask for spherical ice, if it is available? Is there a practical way to make these at home?…

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