Is Heavy Cream Not the Same as Whipping Cream?

27 Jan 2015 02:55

You go to one source, you read that heavy cream and whipping cream are the same. You go to another, and you find that heavy cream and whipping cream are not actually the same. What gives? Why the inconsistent information? Is it really that hard to determine the difference?…

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Can You Deep Fry With Olive Oil?

25 Jan 2015 23:52

Have you heard? You can't deep fry with olive oil! Its smoking point is too low and it becomes bitter, etc. Funny that people in the Mediterranean regions, who know a lot more than us about olive oil, deep fry more often with olive oil than any other oil. In other words, what you've heard is bunk. You absolutely can deep fry with olive oil. Mario Batali has been seen doing it more than once on television….

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Is it True That Your Spaghetti is Done When It Sticks to the Wall?

25 Jan 2015 22:53

Many cookbooks, articles, and even cooking show episodes will tell you that the best way to test whether spaghetti (or other pasta) is done, is to throw it at the wall. If it sticks, it's done. Is this a good indicator of the doneness of pasta?…

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Tip For Getting Your Homemade Pizza to Slide Into the Oven

22 Jan 2015 21:37

Whenever I see professional pizza makers putting their pizza into an oven, it just slides off the peel as pretty as can be. When I make pizza at home, which I often do, I always find it hard to get the pizza to slide off my pizza peel without messing up the shape of the pizza, or potentially even ruining it. As well, some of the topping might fall off, etc. One problem is the pizza peel itself, or whatever you are sliding the pizza off of. My pizza peel is a fairly rough wooden one. That is not exactly conducive to sliding a flat thin dough off of, especially one weighted down with toppings. But at the same time, a smooth metal one may not be any better, as there is more surface area making contact with the pizza dough….

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Origin of "Hair of the Dog" for a Hangover Cure

21 Jan 2015 19:02

It's Sunday morning, or, rather, afternoon. Saturday night is a blur, but you do know that you drank more than your fair share. You know this because of your pounding headache, and queasy stomach. You know because the afternoon sun hitting your eyes feels like someone is taking an electric drill to your brain. Your weak, achy, dizzy, and there is a taste in your mouth that is indescribable and altogether disgusting. Oh, and you have cotton mouth to boot. In a word, you are miserable. Worst hangover ever. Well, there is nothing for it but the hair of the dog….

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